How biodiversity credits can finance nature-positive outcomes

How biodiversity credits can finance nature-positive outcomes

  • Biodiversity is important to our health, security and economies, but it’s declining rapidly threatening the very foundations of our future.
  • There is a need to raise financing for nature, and biodiversity credits are a crucial tool to channel investments for nature-positive outcomes.
  • The International Advisory Panel on Biodiversity Credits is bringing together stakeholders to drive the growth and scaling of such a market.

Nature underpins our lives, livelihoods, health and wellbeing. That means our economy too is embedded in nature, not external to it, as the UK’s Dasgupta Review so clearly spelled out.

Yet nature has declined to its poorest state in human history. Its loss is now one of the greatest threats we face and a multiplier of other global threats, from climate change to pandemics. This puts our collective futures at risk.

There are positive signs that things are starting to change.

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