1. What is ANCA?

The African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA) serves as a collaborative platform that aims to mobilise the financial community’s efforts in addressing the risks associated with nature loss and exploring opportunities in Africa. ANCA was established by FSD Africa, a specialist development agency, with the support from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Our mission is to catalyse nature-positive African economies, enabled by a financial sector that recognizes and acts. on nature-related risks and opportunities.

2. How do I join ANCA?

In order to apply to join ANCA, we ask you to please fill out our application form here. In the application form we ask for a couple of key contacts, as well as a short 75-100-word testimonial on why your organisation is joining ANCA e.g. what excites you and what impact you would like to have in this space – this testimony should be attributed to a senior leader in your organization.

3. Why should my organisation join ANCA/what are the benefits of joining?

ANCA provides an opportunity for members to showcase early leadership, become the African voice on nature-related risk and opportunities as well as shape the global nature agenda and frameworks. Organisations will greatly benefit from joining ANCA in the following ways:


  • Leadership on nature:
    • Be seen as a leader in the nature space and play at the forefront of change.
  • African influence:
    • Represent the African Voice on nature in global discussions and provide feedback to the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).
  • Technical support
    • Gain ongoing access to best-in-class technical support to develop nature and climate-related knowledge and capability.
  • Strategic support
    • Plan for a seamless private and public sector transition to a more nature and climate positive economy and society.
  • Peer networking
    • Gain access to a global forum and network of peers to discuss implementation of nature and climate-related capabilities and policies.
  • Platform for advocacy
    • Leverage a credible platform to advocate for the significance of natural capital in Africa.
  • Global collaboration
    • Collaborate with other networks and initiatives to present a united narrative around the importance of natural capital.
  • Information and knowledge
    • Access a wealth of information such as case studies and testimonies on natural capital.

4. Who can join ANCA?

ANCA brings together leading financial institutions, governmental organizations, intergovernmental partners, and civil society representatives. This group is joined by a wider set of members from both the public and private sectors who support ANCA’s aim of integrating nature into financial decision making.

If your organization has a strong commitment to the fight against nature and biodiversity loss, please fill in our application.

5. What is the application process like?

Once you have completed our online form, we will try our best to process your application as quickly as possible. We will then reach out to you regarding your application status.