About ANCA

Who We Are

ANCA is an African-led collaborative multi-stakeholder initiative, acting as the vehicle to drive coordinated advocacy and action across the continent. ANCA was established in 2022 by FSD Africa out of a need to ensure an African Voice on the global nature agenda. With growing global interest in nature, including in the development of nature-related risk frameworks and standards, there is an urgent need to ensure these emerging approaches can be applied to an African context.

ANCA recognizes the need for African private and public sector awareness and capability-building for the successful integration of not only future nature-related risk frameworks and standards, but also broader nature-related capabilities. Without engagement on these topics, there is a danger of creating additional transition risks and barriers to investment in the African continent.

What We Do

We support financial regulation and policymaking by ensuring that:

• Nature-based financial regulations mitigate the negative impact on nature and amplify nature-positive outcomes.

• Nature-related issues published, in accordance with best practice standards, by financial institutions in a consistent and usable manner.

• Companies piloting and scaling nature-based solutions and committing to funding more solutions in the longer-term.

• Ensuring nature-related data is accessible to and usable by financial institutions.

We aim to integrate nature into business through:

• Nature-related strategic, governance and risk capabilities which are integrated into company operations. Ensuring quality nature-related data is accessible to and usable.

• Governments have national strategies that create an enabling environment for nature-positive investment and outcomes.

• An appropriate nature-related financial disclosure framework is adopted and directs the flow of capital towards nature-positive activities.


We are providing an African voice on nature

• ANCA members are actively participating in the global nature agenda, providing the African Voice on nature.

Tailored Initiatives

ANCA engages its members and stakeholders through tailored initiatives to actively influence Africa’s nature agenda:  

  • Roadshows: large public events facilitating the discussion on nature-related risks in Africa to take place later this year including the Africa Climate Week, the Africa Regional Forums, COP 28, ANCA Summit among others.
  • Webinars: Monthly knowledge sharing engagements on topics key to nature including risks and opportunities as well as the journey towards disclosure.
  • Knowledge Centre: Database of toolkits, data sources and external resource guides are available for members. These include the potential for members to pilot the global disclosure standard – TNFD.
  • Newsletters: A quarterly newsletter engaging our members on key topics and developments regarding nature-positive/sustainable finance.

Some ANCA highlights from the past year include: 

  1. Major presence at Africa Climate Summit including moderating a Presidential Panel on nature
  2. Launch of the Nature Voices Pledge with video messages from member CEOs
  3. Launch of the new ANCA website
  4. Publication of “The Emerging Regulatory Agenda” report which garnered headlines in African media
  5. Membership now at 31 organisations including many of Africa’s leading financial institutions
  6. Roadshow events in two African capitals: Johannesburg and Nairobi

Our Team

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